Business Area

Instrumentation y Analytics

We provide our customers complete, personalised and efficient solutions with a wide experience on the area of instrumentation as well as the support of the most relevant brands of the sector.

We offer technical assistance in situ, and also analyse and advise about your needs, providing the best product for each situation.

We work both, field and laboratory instrumentation, and develop analysis systems that enables you the use of softwear applications.

Our technical support reaches:

  • Wide knowledge of process engineering
  • Technical support in the design phase
  • The implementation and maintenance service
  • Technical assistance such as calibration and repairs


Fire safety

Government approved as a security installation company for all types of installations: Sprinklers, hydrants, pressure boosting, dry column, detection, nebulised water, gas extinguishing, fire extinguishers, etc., it has also the approval for the maintenance for fire protection systems which enables us to offer an integral system from its own project to its maintenance, going through the implementation of installation.

The advice we provide our customers goes from the safest, economical and technically workable design of firefighting system within the current regulations, to the implementation of such. Equipped with the best technical means so that we can perform our job in a fast, clean and safe way together with the highest quality.


Air-conditioning and industrial cooling

We provide solutions to any air-conditioning problem our customers have, regardless the size or type of building they wish to cool.

We offer a wide range of solutions for the different types and cooling processes for the products storage.

We work with the best brand names on the market, which provide innovative services and play an important role ensuring respect for the environment and provide special attention to electricity consumption with excellent performance.


Solar energy and energy efficiency

We develop turn-key thermal solar and photovoltaic installation projects within touristic, industrial and domestic sector.

We offer our customers the prospect of selling electric power with advantageous conditions and contracts adaptable to the needs of each customer. All this with zero investment and no maintenance charges.

The experience of SOTEC in installations of this type backs us up as one of the leading companies in this field in the Canary Islands


Water treatment

The scarcity of water in the islands has made Canary Islands world renowned hydraulic management. We have wide experience in drinking water treatment, drainage, desalination and waste-water treatment both in private and industrial use.

We advise our customers to achieve the efficient use of water, taking always into account compliance with the current legislation in each area.


Swimming pools and aquatic facilities

We have a team of highly qualified professionals and the necessary tools and technology to carry out any type of project in swimming pools and aquatic facilities.

We are aware that each customer has different needs, so we try to help them make the right choice basing on our wide experience within this field.

The service we offer for swimming pools and aquatic facilities are, among others:

  • Hydraulic and electrical engineering
  • Reforms for adequacy to current legislation
  • Maintenance with risk of legionella
  • Water analysis
  • Water cooling, water heating, water filtration and water disinfection
  • Dosing and control



Supply of equipments

Within our business areas where SOTEC develops its activity, and by the hand of the best manufacturers of each sector, we offer any supply our customers may need.

SOTEC puts at the service of its customers first quality products at competitive process due to economic agreements established with the main manufacturers from the market.


Instalation and assembly

The origin of SOTEC as a company focussed on the industrial sector, means that there must be a responsible of project for each of the works we perform, who along with the technical supervisor make our level of quality increase to achieve excellence.

The detail of the outputs, the cleanness of our works, the compliance of current regulation, the quality and environmental standards, as well as the close relationship with the consumers, is what makes SOTEC a different company.


Maintenance and technical assistance

Our commitment of quality does not end with the performances of installations. SOTEC goes beyond that, expanding such commitment to the integral maintenance of installations when customers require.

We provide maintenance services and technical assistance with a highly qualified team in each type of installation; industrial, residential and great part of the service industry.

Our presence in each one of the Canary Islands reduce response time, which ensures an evident improvement in the installations we maintain. Before the starting of maintenance activities, we carry out an audit of the installations to keep and undertake a diagnosis of each of the equipment, suggesting the appropriate improvements.