More than ten years offering you the best service

CANARY ISLANDS TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS® was created with the aim of providing qualified services in the level of specialised technical system, developing its main performance in all The Canary Islands and their unique geographical surroundings.

CANARY ISLANDS TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS® offers its view for the development of specialised technical services based on the implementation of internal values, focussing their performances on the customer, in the definition and management and continuous improvement of the processes.

CANARY ISLANDS TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS® keep accuracy and professionalism in its conduct as its main values, providing technical solutions taken from adapting its extensive knowledge of processes and requirements to the needs of customers and directed to fulfil their expectations within parameters which integrate good practices to the conservation, improvement of the environment and prevention of pollution.

CANARY ISLANDS TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS® manages human resources understanding that its workforce is considered to be the best asset. Applies plans for the suitability, improvement of competences and personal care. Promotes teamwork and mutual respect as essential values in personal relations.

CANARY ISLANDS TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS® agrees to fulfil; established quality with customers, legal and statutory requirements concerning its activities, being respectful with our surroundings and the development of its works according to security criteria being health and safety throughout the productive process.

CANARY ISLANDS TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS ® develops its work with an appropriate growth, renovation and change management checking its targets and goals. It also periodically audits its processes for the constant improvement of the quality, safety and the environment.