The team

Miguel Valcarcel MarreroManaging Director
Managing director of the company since 2003. Mr Miguel Valcárcel started his professional career in MASA SERVICIOS SA carrying out work of Laboratory Equipment Controls in the Refinery of Tenerife. Subsequently he joined SIEMSA CONTROL Y SISTEMAS as Works manager in the level of Safety against Fires, Instrumentation and Analysers, job he carried out for three years and which enabled him to lead the implementation and management of the Head office of such company for the Canary Islands. Having accomplished that stage he made a venture, with other partners, into an ambitious project; SOTEC. As the main creator of the ideology, he has always stayed ahead, managing and leading the course of the company together with his management team.

Rosella Rodríguez-SilesQuality, Safety and Environment manager
She has held her position since 2004. She started her professional career in the PYMES (small and medium-size enterprises) sector, introducing models of computer management. In the development of these tasks she recognises the need for a framework to provide information and to serve as guideline in the process of consolidation of the company management system, what leads her to specialise in Quality Control and Health and Safety.

José R. NodaChief operations Officer
Chief Operations Officer since 2013, Mr José R. Noda started his professional career as project manager in Canary TELECOM (currently known as ONO). He has held the post of Sales Manager in COBRA and Regional Delegate in Canary Islands and CAMPING Spain. He began his career in SOTEC in 2004, going through the posts of Contract Manager and Service Projects Manager in all these years. He is currently Chief Operations Officer integrating Contract and Project Services Managements.

Antonio E. GarcíaService Projects manager
Service Projects manager since 2012, he started as Processes technician in the Refinery of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, working for the company SIEMSA CONTROL Y SISTEMAS SA, leading subsequently the Fire Protection Department in the same company. His great technical skills made him go to the position as works manager for all the Canary Islands offices. In 2003 he made a venture as founding partner into the project of SOTEC. He initially was in charge of the Department Management of Instrumentation and Water carrying on his evolution in the Works Area.

Francisco Javier Pérez PerdizInternational manager
DirOverseas manager since 2014, started his professional career in the Architecture Studio Charles de la Tour du Pin in Paris. From 1998 to 2008 he held relevant posts in DRAGADOS, and GRUPO SA, being Building Delegate in Tenerife of the latter in the last three years. From 2008 to 2014, he entered as Delegate of SANDO Constructions in Canary Islands. Since 2011 he also held the post of manager for Africa, creating the Office of SANDO in Casablanca. He joined SOTEC in 2004 in order to develop the company`s overseas project.